Covid-19 Emergency

It’s so nice so see you again!


Safe vacation

This is a special moment of restart and everything is new for all of us. We will do our best to let you enjoy your stay in a safe, relaxed way and we confide in your patience and common sense.

Thank you in advance for respecting these simple rules:

  • please wear a face mask in all the common areas of the hotel;
  • keep at least one meter distance from others;
  • please sit on the sofas just for a short time;
  • remain in the restaurant area only for the time needed for breakfast and approach the buffet only when there aren’t any other guests;
  • please use the lift if you’re alone, or with the person staying in your room, otherwise please use the stairs;
  • when you are not wearing the face mask, please make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a paper handkerchief while coughing or sneezing;
  • wash your hands frequently or use an alcoholic solution to sanitize them;
  • if you don’t want our staff to enter your room during your stay, please inform the reception.

We use specific medical products, supplied by certified companies. The room sanitization has always been our strong point! Before your arrival, we sanitized the room with a system that requires the use of alcoholic or chlorinated solution, according to the law. For a healthier and safer air, we also sanitize the air conditioners’ filters with medical and surgical detergent at every change of guest.


In the past weeks we have never stopped working behind the scenes: we have been thinking about ways to ensure the safety of our employees and to train them, to make sure they are aware of the new rules of hygiene and wear safety equipment correctly.
Face masks, (mandatory in the common areas) and alcohol-based products for hands cleaning will be available for every guest of the hotel. We trust our guests and we know they will be committed to respect the rules we have learnt in the recent weeks. PLEASE RESPECT THE SOCIAL DISTANCE.


The reception is available for any request 24/7 and our staff is working hard to keep the hotel clean and sanitized, trying to assure you a comfortable and safe stay. In case you won’t find a member of the staff at the reception desk, please be patient and ring the bell or show up at the restaurant hall, we’ll be with you immediately.


We have a large breakfast room and a big terrace, so we can guarantee the right distance among the tables; you can therefore decide whether to have breakfast on the terrace or inside the restaurant. The self-service buffet is not allowed at the moment but we can offer you the assisted buffet solution. We will always try to avoid groups and, if needed, will adjust the breakfast room accesses to safeguard your health and other guests’ health.

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We are trying hard to give you the best service and we really care about your opinions and suggestions, so please, talk to us. If you notice something that can be done in a better or safer way, we would really appreciate if you could inform us before posting it on the social medias. It’s a very delicate moment, we all have to help each other. Thank you very much for your understanding.

We would like to inform you that on your arrival at the hotel
your body temperature could be checked
, if it is equal or higher than 37.5°,we will not be able to assign you the room.

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